Student Withdrawal Policy and Procedure


If a student decides to withdraw from a program, he/she must provide a dated, written, notice of withdrawal to the School Manager / Registrar.   Refunds are calculated according to the Cloud Nine College’s Refund Policy and the date on which the written notice of withdrawal is received will be used to determine any refund owing.

An international student whose application for a study permit has been denied is entitled to a refund, if a copy of the denial letter is provided to Cloud Nine College prior to the program start date.


Students will inform the Operations Manager/Registrar at Cloud Nine College through email by filling out the Cloud Nine College Withdrawal Form of their intent to cease studying at Cloud Nine College.   The date the written notice is received will act as the end date.

The stated policies in the Tuition and Fee Refund Policy will apply to any students and the Operations Manager/ Registrar will reply to the written notice within 2 school days of receiving notice informing the student and their agent, when an agency has been used, of the next steps.

The Operations Manager / Registrar will then contact the Academic Director to perform an internal review of any academic issues to see if an alternative to withdrawal can fix the problem.   The Academic Director will propose a solution but if no solution is available to the withdrawal the Academic Director will suggest issuing the refund consistent with the Refund and Withdrawal policies.

The Operations Manager / Registrar will issue a refund within 30 days of receiving the written notice.   All refunds are reimbursed in the same payment manner (cash, credit card, cheque, wire transfer) in which they were received at Cloud Nine College using the policies above as a guideline.