Attendance and Lateness Policy

Students are expected to attend class regularly. They must attend 80% of their classes each session as part of the requirement to receive a credit for each course taken. If a student is absent for more than 20% of the overall study period, the official Cloud Nine College certificate will not be given.

All students are expected to be on time to classes. Attendance, punctuality, and participation are important parts of learning.

Penalties will apply to those who arrive late:

  • Late Arrivals: late arrivals disrupt classes. If you are 1-14 minutes late, you will be marked 15-minutes absent if you are more than 15-minutes late = 1 hour absent and more than 30-minutes late = marked absent for the whole class meeting. You may check with the instructor to see if you are permitted to enter the class but be prepared to not be let into class.  You will be marked as absent for the class even if the instructor permits you to attend the class.  When the instructor does not let you in the class, go to the campus lounge and prepare for your next class. 
  • Leaving a class while in session is impolite and disrupts the class.  If you must leave a class for a bathroom break and you are not back within five minutes, your teacher will mark you absent for that class.
  • You can make up missed tests and exams only for serious illness or exceptional circumstances beyond your control. You must present a doctor’s note or other reliable documentation to the Academic Director to re-schedule your test or exam.  As a courtesy, also please notify the Reception Desk by telephone or email to report your illness or explain your emergency. The telephone number is 604-669-2930 or 236-878-8707. The email address is

If a student develops a habit of being late or skipping classes, he/she may be referred for counselling. 

Students who arrive late are expected to catch up on what they missed. If a student requires additional information to catch up, he/she should request it from the teacher at an appropriate, non-intrusive time.

Continual problems with attendance and lateness may result in dismissal.  See the Dismissal Policy.

If you must miss lessons, then you must tell us as soon as possible.  You can email us at  You can also visit your student advisor if you wish to talk to someone.