Admission Policy

Cloud Nine College is committed to providing accurate information and guidance to prospective students to ensure they make informed decisions about their program of study. Cloud Nine College’s admission criteria are well publicized and applied consistently.  Entry assessment tools and admission requirements ensure students have the required language competencies (see Language Proficiency Assessment Policy), and the basic knowledge, skills, and abilities to achieve program outcomes.  Admission requirements may not be waived by either the student or Cloud Nine College.

To be admitted to Cloud Nine College, prospective students must submit a valid copy of international ID (such as a passport or Driver’s License) along with a signed copy of the application form and must meet specific requirements regarding prior education, English level, prove ability in the basic skills needed for college-level work, and age where applicable.

All applicants must: have secondary school diploma or equivalent* and/or mature student** status.

Meet requirements in language of instruction, English – all applicants whose first language is not English must provide proof of English ability with their application or prove their English level with Cloud Nine College online written test and speaking interview. Refer to the Language Entry Level requirement for the specific program language entry level requirements.

** Definition of mature students: In British Colombia, mature students are defined as being at least 19 years of age and out of full-time secondary school for at least one year prior to commencement in their program. Grade 12 graduation is not needed (unless specified), but the applicant must satisfy all general and program-specific admission requirements.