Students Speak About Their College Journey

Experiences of international students in Canada vary. These may include numerous stories on academics, language barriers, homestays, social and cultural differences, finance, and mental health, amongst others. Studying in Canada, away from home, could be challenging. Cloud Nine College held a two-day session on April 1 and 8, 2022, that allowed students to share their exciting student experiences. The participants are currently taking CNC and Concordia International University programs. With the existing student-centric curriculum of these learning institutions, students can enhance their skills and achieve proficiency in applied learning. 

Concordia International University is an online platform university that values sharing the benefits of what students can experience through their valuable lifetime learning opportunities. One of the desires they hope to achieve with student testimonials is to deliver the authentic voices of their education to prospective students. Every student has a unique story to share. With these stories, there is hope that people who have just registered or are thinking of registering can potentially have a mentor in mind to keep them on track and show that if they keep striving for the best, they too can make it. 

Many students wish to study in Vancouver, Canada, for their first year. However, much essential preparation needs to be taken before stepping into their education journeys, such as living situations, job hunting, and basic Canadian culture knowledge. Knowing these things beforehand is a great idea to keep in mind when moving to a foreign country as an international student.

Every experience of a student is unique. Nevertheless, in one way or another, being an international student offers an excellent opportunity to learn and thrive in a new environment. 

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About Cloud Nine College (CNC)

Cloud Nine College is a premier vocational (Co-Op) college offering a range of specialized co-op courses and comprehensive Intensive English Programs, including test preparation courses for IELTS and general and business ESL courses to international students. It coordinates its programs uniquely in such ways that students can advance their education to the next level at universities and job opportunities.

CNC is also an online education platform offering online certificate, diploma, higher diploma, and postgraduate diploma programs progressing to online and offline undergraduate and postgraduate degrees awarded by various educational institutions and universities around the world

Cloud Nine College started as a language training institution back in 2010 and now has expanded into providing career training programs:

  • Hotel and Restaurant Management Co-op Diploma
  • Hotel and Restaurant Management Co-op Certificate
  • International Trade and Business Management Co-op Diploma
  • Professional Sales Co-op Certificate

Statement of purpose

  • The mission of the Cloud Nine College is to assist students in defining and acquiring a comprehensive set of career training and English language skills that meet their objectives and help create meaningful pathways to and opportunities in their personal, educational and commercial endeavors.

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