Nice to meet you!

Hello, my name is Naoko, and I am the marketing and administrative staff at Cloud Nine College.

I was born in Fukushima, Japan. After graduating from my University, I worked for a Japanese company as a sales representative and consultant. I moved to Vancouver last April.

Studying abroad was my dream since I was a child. However, during my time in my university, I became so engrossed with lacrosse that I missed the opportunity to study abroad and started working in Japan. But even though I was employed in Japan, I still wanted to challenge myself abroad, so I came to Canada as a Co-op student. (I was a Co-op student majoring in Digital Marketing until June of this year!)

Taking classes, finding a place to live, and looking for a job were all tough for me as living in the English environment was new to me. But even so, every single day has been an experience that I could not have had in Japan, and I am truly glad that I came here.

As a Marketing and Admin staff at Cloud Nine College, I would like to provide information about students, school life, and Canada, so please let me know if there were any information you would like to know!

About Cloud Nine College  

Cloud Nine College is a premier vocational (Co-Op) college offering a range of specialized co-op courses and comprehensive Intensive English Programs, including test preparation courses for IELTS and general and business ESL courses to international students. It coordinates its programs uniquely in such ways that students can advance their education to the next level at universities and job opportunities.  

CNC is also an online education platform offering online certificate, diploma, higher diploma, and postgraduate diploma programs progressing to online and offline undergraduate and postgraduate degrees awarded by various educational institutions and universities around the world.

Cloud Nine College started as a language training institution back in 2010 and now has expanded into providing career training programs:  

  • Hotel and Restaurant Management Co-op Diploma  
  • Hotel and Restaurant Management Co-op Certificate  
  • International Trade and Business Management Co-op Diploma  
  • Professional Sales Co-op Certificate  

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“Naoko” is from Japan. She loves travelling, watching movies and sports games. She has travelled to about 20 countries and areas. After graduating from university, she worked as a sales representative and consultant for years. She started her new career as a marketer in Canada.