MyON Reading Contest Winners: May 2022

(In the photo from L-R: Kenshiro Yoshida, Kanato Kotaro, and Maho Yamashita)

Concordia International University (CIU) and Cloud Nine College (CNC) have announced the MyON Reading Program Challenge Winners for May: Kanato Kotaro (1st place), Maho Yamashita (2nd place), and Kenshiro Yoshida (3rd place). Reading through the MyON platform is an integral element of students’ learning. Apart from other learning tasks, students are encouraged to read daily to improve their reading vocabulary and comprehension.

The MyON Reading Program challenges every student to read 3000 or more books within a year of study duration. The MyON platform is an online library that provides an accessible, personalized learning environment, primarily for English as second language students (ESL) with various levels and interests. At the same time, the platform is designed to keep track of reading records in each category, making daily reading even more appealing and encouraging students to grow a habit of reading. Once completed, the students can enhance their understanding of a book by taking the comprehension quiz, allowing them to build up English vocabulary by quickly clicking the terms and utilizing the audiobook option while reading. The diverse resource from this platform program is a vital reference for international students interested in learning about other cultures and gaining knowledge through this daily reading program; moreover, they can assign various books from more than 6,000 enhanced digital books.

Concordia International University and Cloud Nine College believe that the habit of reading poses multiple benefits for students. Students moving up to top-up degree programs abroad will immensely benefit from this habit if fully utilized. Apart from an improved vocabulary, this builds their confidence in communicating in English. For every learner, an enhanced comprehension is something they can bring with them as they go through every life stage, on and off-campus.

About Cloud Nine College (CNC)

Cloud Nine College is a premier vocational (Co-Op) college offering a range of specialized co-op courses and comprehensive Intensive English Programs, including test preparation courses for IELTS and general and business ESL courses to international students. It coordinates its programs uniquely in such ways that students can advance their education to the next level at universities and job opportunities.

CNC is also an online education platform offering online certificate, diploma, higher diploma, and postgraduate diploma programs progressing to online and offline undergraduate and postgraduate degrees awarded by various educational institutions and universities around the world

Cloud Nine College started as a language training institution back in 2010 and now has expanded into providing career training programs:

  • Hotel and Restaurant Management Co-op Diploma
  • Hotel and Restaurant Management Co-op Certificate
  • International Trade and Business Management Co-op Diploma
  • Professional Sales Co-op Certificate

Statement of purpose

The mission of the Cloud Nine College is to assist students in defining and acquiring a comprehensive set of career training and English language skills that meet their objectives and help create meaningful pathways to and opportunities in their personal, educational and commercial endeavors.

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