My “Unplugged” Day

People who have seen the movie “Matrix” may remember the moment where humans are put to sleep in shells plugged into a huge machine. That was the most remarkable scene, which made me wonder what it might be like to live in a delusional society. However, I sometimes feel disconnected from actual life since I am plugged into so many things.

In addition to the rush and bustle of daily life, I feel the internet connection is the most important aspect in keeping us “plugged” into continuous tasks and information.

We are constantly checking texts, internet news, social media posts, advertisements, and so on.

While we understand excessive online work is harmful, it is quite difficult to stay away from the internet.

One holiday morning, I became excessively preoccupied with “unplugging” myself from vague tension, unending tasks, and wi-fi. I looked on Airbnb for a place to unplug and found one tiny cabin available for that day.

I arrived at the Chilliwack cabin in the forest, just beside the river, after a two-hour journey. There were no other people around, and the cabin had no running water, no electricity, and no wi-fi with a very weak mobile service connection, all of which drew me in.

What I brought were two little bottles of water, some food, a blanket, and one thick book. During my 20-hour visit, I did nothing but read, eat, take a walk, put wood in the stove, and sleep whenever I pleased. It was rejuvenating. I was “unplugged.”

Though I had to return to get “plugged” soon. It was such a meaningful experience to keenly realise how often we live like the beings in the “Matrix” scenario, disconnected from reality because of coping with too many tasks and internet information.

Let us be “unplugged” from time to time so that we can appreciate the present moment.

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“Natsuki” is from Fukuoka, a beautiful city in Japan. Biking, swimming, and walking along the Seawall in Downtown Vancouver with her three daughters are her passion. After completing the Associate Degree of History from Langara College, she has started her new professional career in the education field as an administrative assistant at Cloud Nine College.