Spring is here! Like what many writers say, “It is the season of rejuvenation and rebirth”. This is the time when everyone celebrates that winter is about to end and looks forward to the arrival of summer and as the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” If I may add, I think SPRING is the most anticipated season of the year.

Oh well who is not excited about visiting the best places here in Vancouver?

If you want to see springtime blooms, I recommend you explore some of the city’s most well-known parks, including Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, VanDusen Garden, and Bear Creek Park.

However, if you want a completely unique experience, such as seeing a waterfall at its mightiest, go to Shannon Falls. It is the third highest waterfall in British Columbia.

Although it often rains a lot in Vancouver in the spring, do not frown, as we also have a list of top indoor attractions that you can still enjoy. To name a few, we have Fly Over Canada – a film and flight simulation attraction at Canada Place, H.R. MacMillan Space Centre – Vancouver’s planetarium and space museum, Museum of Vancouver – for history about the city, The Vancouver Art Gallery – a great place for art, Vancouver Maritime Museum – good if you like maritime history and Trampoline Parks – indoor trampolining places in the Lower Mainland include Extreme Air locations in both Richmond and Langley.

Let us all experience and appreciate the beauty of Vancouver when it returns to life, with flowers and blossoms everywhere, and the trees returning to green!

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