Concordia APEC hold 211th Program Training: Top-up to all employees

On August 06th, 2020, Concordia APEC conducted their first training session for their top-up program. The training was conducted for a maximum 30 employees per session and a total of three sessions during the month. Since its establishment in the Korean market in 2018, Concordia APEC has settled down and improved on their standard of program delivery and execution. Consultants were better trained and now have general knowledge of study abroad and platform education, and their understanding of the top-up program has dramatically improved.

This year, APEC raised the bar of the standard and conducted a seminar and training marathon including mindset training, attitude training, service training, and program training. On August 06th, a thorough re-introduction of Concordia main program, the top-up, was put on spotlight for the new employees.

About Concordia International APEC Center Korea

The Concordia International Asia and Pacific Education Cooperation Center, a subsidiary of Concordia International (London), is an educational business institute located in Seoul, Korea,. The APEC center delivers online and offline education for Korean students as well as other students located in the Asia and Pacific region. The major program offered by the APEC center is the top-up, a program that enables students to transfer the final year of their bachelor’s degree into U.K. universities.

Concordia International APEC Centers plan to deliver holistic educations to train global leaders to impact the world with the international license. Our mission is to generate a well-rounded individual who is disciplined, skilled, multilingual, and have credential university degrees from English-speaking institutes. These students who graduate and pass through the Concordia International APEC center can further influence the globalizing world with their newly achieved talents and qualifications.

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About Top-up Program (Final-year Transfer)

The top-up program, which is a university transfer program into the final year originated from the United Kingdom and is applied in many English speaking countries, such as the UK, Switzerland, Finland, Czech Republic, Singapore, Austria, Ireland, etc.

The top-up program requires students to finish their two-years’ worth of university credits as well as English proficiency examinations in order to be accepted into the universities.

Concordia International University helps students be prepared in their academic skills in research writing and research conducting for their final year of study in these countries, as well as their English proficiency skill to pass their required IELTS examination. Students can graduate from various universities in different countries in less than two years through the Concordia Top-up program.

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