CNC Recognizes March MyOn Winners

March MyON Winners. In the photo, from left-right: Marina Nakamura, Yuru Ando, and Haruka Yutani

CNC recognized the winners of the MyON contest for March 2022, namely, Yuru Ando, Marina Nakamura, and Haruka Yutani. The college partnered with the world’s leading digital reading platform, MyOn, to provide students with access to thousands of online resources. The contest was launched to encourage the habit of reading amongst its students.

About MyON

With a collection of approximately 7,000 books, MyON allows users to read a variety of picture books such as natural science, mathematics, and sports. Picture books can make reading easier for those who do not consistently. On their platform, books can be selected according to their English level and interests. Furthermore, audiobooks are available on almost every book that they carry, and the reading text is highlighted at the same speed as the audio, which allows students to learn English efficiently while improving their listening and reading at the same time.

The Habit of Reading

Reading is one of the most fundamental skills that benefit learners. Through reading, students are exposed to many texts, which allows them to increase their vocabulary, develop writing skills, and expand their general knowledge. In universities, students are required to write essays on different topics, explore many resources, and gather the necessary information about their subject. Therefore, students must get used to reading a wide variety of books and know how to organize their thoughts into coherent sentences based on their research. Cultivating a reading habit can be challenging for some people. For those people, starting with a book about their favorite subject or reading thinner books may make them feel that reading is fun rather than something they must do. Alternatively, people can start by reading a book for about 15 minutes per day. Although it may seem like a small amount of time, people start to increase interest, building a habit that eventually leads to reading for a more extended period.

About Cloud Nine College (CNC)   

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