CNC Celebrates Valentine’s Day in a Pandemic

The National Retail Federation’s forecast that Valentine’s Day spending would hit $23.9 billion in 2022, by far the second-highest year recorded while the pandemic rages on. While the standard prices of Valentine’s Day commodities increased compared to the prior year (a dozen of roses up by 22% and assorted chocolates are higher by 9%), it was not going to stop Cloud Nine College (CNC) – one of the many academic partners of Concordia International University (CIU) – from celebrating Valentine’s Day during this still existing COVID-19 pandemic. CNC, just like CIU, believes that this occasion should be a day when no one feels left out – the reason why every room was embellished with heart stickers and filled with candies shared with each of the students and teachers. Still, finding ways to celebrate the annual sweet occasion with masks on and physical distancing in effect.

Why Valentine’s Day?

Every February, millions, if not billions, of people worldwide communally exchange sentimental greeting cards, candies, bouquets, jewelry pieces, and other forms of affection in a celebration known as Saint Valentine’s Day. Nevertheless, unfortunately, the true origin of this occasion is vague.

A legend tells that Valentine served Rome in the third century as a priest. At that time, Emperor Claudius II banned marriage for young males, for he believed that unattached men could become better soldiers if they did not have wives and families ( Editors, 2009). After realizing the decree’s injustice, Valentine pursued to conduct marriages for young couples in secret. Claudius sentenced Valentine to death upon discovering this act. Others believe that Valentine’s Day is celebrated in mid-February to commemorate Valentine’s death.

On the other hand, many historians asserted that the Christian church may have chosen the middle of February as the feast day of St. Valentine to “Christianize” the observance of the pagan Roman festival Lupercalia. Such festival celebrated the forthcoming spring, fertility rites, and women’s pairing with men by lottery, which was also celebrated in mid-February.

In medieval Europe, it was a common belief that the start of birds’ mating period was February 14. As such,  the idea of associating Valentine’s Day with a day for romance came about. By the mid-18th century, it was usual for lovers and friends of different backgrounds to give handwritten messages or small tokens of endearment. 

Be someone’s Valentine today.

While the true origin of Valentine’s may be vague, it is worth noting that February 14 was not always about chocolates and flowers. On this occasion, we can choose to be someone’s Valentine. We can share the spirit of the day with people who make our life sweeter with a genuine expression of gratitude and token of kind thoughts with or without the pandemic.

About Cloud Nine College (CNC)

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