CIU – CNC Celebrates United Nations Chinese Language Day

In celebration of United Nations Chinese Language Day, Concordia Education Group China and Concordia Ontario Academy held an event at the Cloud Nine College (“CNC”) – Pender campus on April 30, 2022. Chinese Language Day is observed every April 20 of each year. Tracing its roots, United Nations created this in 2010 to celebrate multiple languages, promote cultural diversification, and encourage the equal use of official languages. 

The event began with speeches by dignitaries and special guests, including former Deputy Speaker of the Legislation Assembly, Richard Lee, and Richmond City Council Councilor Chak Au. Their messages were followed by giving awards to the Canada Chain Commerce and Culture Association representative and CNC Student Ambassadors (“SA”s) for their hard work and dedication. Among the representative and SAs included Adeline Pang, Woojoong Lee, and Ryan Dagdag. The SAs represent the student body at CIU/CNC and serve as role models for their fellow students and the community.

At this event, participants have a first-hand experience of Calligraphy, an integral part of Chinese culture. One of the joys of Calligraphy includes a sense of appreciation of the roots, thoughts, and sensibilities of the people in ancient times. Since China evolved to be one of the most significant players in the world economy, the demand for Chinese language skills has exponentially become essential. Further, China serves as the global hub of resources for different countries, including Canada. Thus, the ability to write and converse in Chinese helps expand one’s economic opportunities and network.

The Chinese are amongst the top migrants in Canada. And, according to studies, Cantonese and Mandarin are two of the most common languages spoken in Vancouver, British Columbia. In an article released by British Columbia (BC) province, immigrants from this country rose steadily in the 1970s and 1980s. Since then, many Chinese British Columbians have made significant contributions to every aspect of BC society, including science, art, music, academia, sports, business, and community services, amongst others. 

The event concluded with the introduction of the Chinese Cultural Program offered by Concordia Ontario Academy. Indeed, United Nations Chinese Language Day opened doors of opportunity for the participants to foster respect and appreciation of the Chinese culture, particularly its language. This initiative was a way to enhance students’ ability to adapt cross-culturally, which is an effective 21st-century skill that makes today’s learners thrive as global citizens.


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