Christmas party at Cloud Nine College

Christmas was originally a celebration of the winter solstice to give thanks for the harvest, a time for family and friends to gather to enjoy a meal and build their strength for the harsh winter. Later over time, the religious significance of celebrating the day Jesus Christ was born in a stable in Bethlehem was added to the meaning of Christmas as well.

Christmas, which is on the 25th of December, is the day to celebrate the Nativity of Jesus Christ (the birth of saints, God, etc.). On December 15th, we had a Christmas party at Cloud Nine College (CNC) with support from students, teachers, and staff. We successfully celebrated Christmas by, decorating our campus, eating pizza and sweet cake, and most importantly making new friends. Before the Christmas party, we had lots of new students arrive in December to join in on our Christmas celebration. We also had the opportunity to make friends with the students that came. Some students planned a BINGO game and whoever was the first 5 people to win was awarded Starbucks gift cards as a prize. CNC’s Christmas party provided a good moment for everyone to develop a relationship with one another as a CNC family.

CNC not only has good courses and amazing teachers but also provides a good environment and a safe place for others to feel more welcomed and at home. You can also enjoy your college life by building good strong relationships with the teachers and staff members through various events and other opportunities. And the best part about the courses you take at CNC is that you can apply what you learned in class in the real world.

CNC will continue to grow and create a better environment to leave good moments. We will bring out the best in every one of you. Learn what is missing and we will grow!

About Cloud Nine College

Cloud Nine College is a premier vocational (Co-Op) college offering a range of specialized co-op courses and comprehensive Intensive English Programs, including test preparation courses for IELTS and general and business ESL courses to international students. It coordinates its programs uniquely in such ways that students can advance their education to the next level at universities and job opportunities. 

CNC is also an online education platform offering online certificate, diploma, higher diploma, and postgraduate diploma programs progressing to online and offline undergraduate and postgraduate degrees awarded by various educational institutions and universities around the world.
Cloud Nine College started as a language training institution back in 2010 and now has expanded into providing career training programs: 

  • Hotel and Restaurant Management Co-op Diploma 
  • Hotel and Restaurant Management Co-op Certificate 
  • International Trade and Business Management Co-op Diploma 
  • Professional Sales Co-op Certificate 

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