The cherry blossom, or Sakura, is the flower of trees in Prunus subgenus Cerasus. “Sakura” usually refers to flowers of ornamental cherry trees, such as cultivars of Prunus serrulata. Cherry blossoms have been described as having a vanilla-like smell, which is mainly attributed to coumarin. (reference) The history of cherry blossoms in Canada relates to the enduring friendship between Canada and Japan. The first cherry blossom trees […]

Our Personal Experience as Filipinos in Canada

It was during the pandemic in 2020 that we started thinking about going to Canada. We initially took the express entry route, but it was challenging to look for a direct employer that would provide a job offer. Later on, we decided to change our pathway to student, though it’s more expensive, but why not […]

Remembrance Day!

Remembrance Day is a Memorial Day celebrated in Commonwealth member states to memorialize military personnel who died while performing their duties during World War I and later conflicts. It is also known as Armistice Day or Poppy Day. Different countries have their own unique ways of commemorating Remembrance Day, which reflects their historical and cultural […]

Celebration of Light!

The Celebration of Light is an annual international fireworks competition held in Vancouver, Canada. This is one of the world’s biggest and most prominent fireworks competitions. The celebration showcases stunning displays of pyrotechnic creativity. The Celebration of Light debuted as a component of Expo 86, the World’s Fair, back in 1990. The event was a […]

How to Spend a Day in a Life

A well-lived day is a priceless gift that offers numerous chances for development, happiness, and connection. How we choose to spend it will have an impact on our experiences and general wellbeing. I have a few tips I’d like to give that will help you make the most of your day while embracing both productive […]


Do you know why so many individuals struggle with Mental problems? There are numerous potential causes for mental health issues. Although various people may be more severely impacted by specific things than others, it is likely that many people are affected by a complex combination of circumstances. Domestic violence, child abuse, trauma, social exclusion, prejudice, […]


Have you ever wondered about the difference between DREAMS and GOALS? Although many individuals use these phrases interchangeably, they each refer to different concepts. Let’s explore the differences between dreams and goals and how they can work together to help you achieve success. Dreams have great power, are frequently irrational, and imaginative. Although they are […]

Why Study Abroad?

Globalization has transformed the way the world operates, and it is becoming increasingly essential to have cross-cultural proficiency as well as cutting-edge technological skills in the market for today and the future. Studying overseas is one of the best approaches in obtaining universal capabilities and access personal and professional prospects. For most students, this is […]


Spring is here! Like what many writers say, “It is the season of rejuvenation and rebirth”. This is the time when everyone celebrates that winter is about to end and looks forward to the arrival of summer and as the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” If I may add, I think SPRING is […]

Express Your LOVE!

February is said to be “love month.” Many people across the world celebrate “Valentine’s Day” in different ways, such as going on a date, giving gifts, and giving flowers and chocolates. But how about you? How do you show your loved ones that you love them? What is your “Love Language”? Sometimes even love gets […]