A Working Mom’s Imperfect Reflection on Covid 19 and Remote Learning

Parents (including myself) aspire for the best possible education for their children. However, we now live in a dynamic and fast-changing environment. Therefore, we must pause and redefine our expectations and limits. Undeniably, we exist in a world where social distancing and hybrid learning are the new accepted norms. Everyone is adjusting, including working parents, to accommodate the need to adapt to this new learning environment. This sudden shift has turned parents to become teachers!

Education has evolved over the years – with more alternatives to learning. When schools closed because of the pandemic, the parents assumed the teachers’ tasks as their children’s primary instructors. Every family is different, and so are their preferences. Moreso, every child is unique, and it is crucial to determine what works best for our children. In a time of crisis and uncertainty, a parent’s decision to pursue their children’s education is commendable. Unlike traditional classrooms, the learners, the teacher, and the information source are not physically present in a remote learning set-up. Instead, the educational content (i.e., quizzes, exams, and other activities like video conferencing and discussion boards) is shared using technology. Remote learning can occur ‘synchronously’ with concurrent interaction using a school-prescribed platform or ‘asynchronously’ with self-paced learning activities that happen independently, without the teacher’s physical presence.

Every household is different. Some parents stay-at-home and some have day jobs that require them to be away from the house. While some were initially at a loss on how to support their children in a remote learning set-up during COVID-19, it is essential to balance between career and the responsibilities of being a parent and a teacher at the same time to let them and their children enjoy the process of remote learning. Regardless, the fact remains that it is a challenge for one to ensure successful remote learning when at the same time, a parent must continue working to support the family. The success in managing a child’s education while managing a career will differ according to these conditions:

• The child’s age

• The flexibility of the parent to work from home

• The availability of a reliable support system

• The length of time that the child will be learning remotely

Some might have felt the burden of becoming their children’s teachers when they are inexperienced in handling a learning environment. While parents are supposed to be the primary educators and contributors to their children’s success, they are not expected to replace the teachers who have had professional training to manage the classroom. Instead, collaborating with the school could be the best way to handle a remote learning setup while parents manage their careers simultaneously.

As we manage our household, we must take care of ourselves – mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially. Therefore, anything that refers to education for our children involves making serious decisions and careful planning. Acknowledge that success is not an overnight thing. Remember, even engineers had to carefully plan the Eiffel Tower before it was built until it became an icon. Each day is an opportunity to become imperfectly better at parenting…one step at a time.

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