A Primer on Canadian Currency, Taxes, and Tipping

Canadian coins are available in five denominations: 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, $1, and $2. There used to be 1¢ coins, but the creation of pennies was stopped in 2013, and now the cents are rounded to the next nearest coin amount. Canadian banknotes are made of a polymer material, which is durable and stain-resistant, and they have $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 denominations. In Canada, while cards are accepted for payments in many situations, most people do not carry a lot of cash on hand.

A 5% goods and services tax (GST) and a provincial sales tax (in BC, 7%) varies from province to province) are added to goods, lodging, meals, and services in British Columbia. The three territories of Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut levy only GST; Ontario levies a 13% Harmonized Sales Tax (HST); and Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Nova Scotia levy only 15% HST. In Canada, taxes are not included in the price listings for goods and lodgings and vary depending on which province you are in.

Tipping may not be common in your home country, but it is deeply ingrained in Canadian Life. The tipping culture exists in the U.S. and other parts of North America; in restaurants, cafes, and other places where people receive services such as hair salons and hotels. It is generally expected that customers leave a 10% to 15% tip. Furthermore, hotel room service and some restaurants may include a gratuity to the total amount in advance.


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